An appeal to any international friends. We need your help.

Here is why: International and local media is either ignoring or downplaying the excessive police force used on the peaceful demonstrators opposing the cutting of trees in ‘Taksim Gezi Parki’ in order to build a shopping mall. People sitting there with there books to protest cutting trees are teargassed, shot with plastic bullets and watered down.World needs to know that this is no small incident caused by two idiotic protesters: However, people from all walks of life regardless of religious or political beliefs are in ‘Taksim Gezi Park.’

Here is how you can help:

1- If you are on twitter please use #DirenGezi to draw more media attention to what is happening in ‘Taksim Gezi Park.’
2- You can share this post on your Facebook status to your community and raise awareness to what is escalating here. Maybe it will draw some media attention.
3- You can email this message to your friends and ask them to do the same thing. Maybe some news agency will hear of it… (if you have contacts in media all the better)
4- You can call the Turkish embassy in your country and ask why police is gassing people in Taksim and ask if the country is safe? contact numbers can be found at www.mfa.gov.tr Maybe some government official will be embarrassed.