About me

Hello, I’m Iosif, a photographer and videographer deeply committed to the art of visual storytelling. My journey in this field has been diverse, encompassing a range of subjects from the front lines of conflict zones to the subtleties of everyday life. My primary focus lies in documentary and reportage photography, where I endeavor to capture not just images, but the stories and emotions that they embody.

Beyond war photography, my work extends to a variety of projects, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities to explore the human condition through my lens. My diverse educational background and experiences in different job roles have shaped my perspective, imbuing my work with a nuanced understanding of different cultures and situations.

This website serves as a portfolio of my work, but also as a testament to my professional growth in the field of photography and videography. It’s a reflection of my commitment to capturing real, unfiltered moments, and a space where I can share these powerful narratives with a wider audience. Through my photography, I aim not only to bear witness to the events I capture but to bring a deeper understanding and connection to the viewer, bridging gaps and fostering empathy.